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American Kingdoms 2016-10-05

American Kingdoms

  1. CurtSibling
    This is a scenario for CIV2 Test of Time. It takes place in 2039AD,
    after a global pandemic that killed 70% of human life. In the ruins
    society has sprung up again, and now groups of people have reverted
    back to the hard and fast rules to govern life and survival...

    Around the former USA, various new nations have formed, with none
    but a few diehards wishing to return to the previous federal rule.
    With power as a goal, many groups see now a chance to build a new
    united hegemony based on their own worldviews and ideologies...

    The Imperials are ready to expand. Washington awaits...

    The Supreme Nation. Will you assist them in building a new destiny?

    Not a doctored screenshot! You can expect rebellions of this magnitude!

    This is an epoch of the strongmen. A time where mercy is a rarity.
    Into that ruthless arena you now step. You will take command of a
    post-disaster nation, and carve out your own survival and perhaps
    even a new empire in the desolate ruins of the once great land...

    The future of the new America is up to you...Good luck!

    Be sure and check the ReadMe before play...;)


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