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American Pacific Northwest Native Unitpack 2021-06-26

First Row: Archer, Warrior, Axeman, Swordsman, Spearman
Second Row: Longbowman, Haida Armored Warrior, Maceman, Heavy Swordsman, Pikeman
Third Row: Horseman, Cavalier, Knight, Musketman, Slinger
Fourth Row: Galley, Trireme, Medieval War Galley, Galleas, Galleon
Fifth Row: War Galleon, Frigate, SOTL, Caravel

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So long story short I've been holding onto these units for awile and I thought I'd share my work with a complete and organized pack. The Pacific Northwest culture goes from British Columbia in the North to California in the south. They are known for the line art, totem poles(Which were a Pacific Northwest thing. NOT a "Native American" thing). and raiding.
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