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Americas ( for Anac CivPack) 2016-10-05

Americas ( for Anac CivPack)

  1. Optik
    This mod add:

    15 CityStates for ANAC(CivPack).
    2 Maps (10 or 12 Civ): DLC and NoDLC version (DLC required Inca,Spain) with TSL and balanced ressources.

    Spain with H. Cortes
    for Anac Map+ (12civ)NoDLC (included in this pack)

    This is the first version of the map, there is no script, it is a classic game with custom and vanilla civ for the moment.

    known issue:
    After loading the scenario, you can probably choose only Vanilla Civ or Random. If you want to play a specific one you have to start a random game, then exit and return to the main menu and restart a new game.

    Spoiler :



    1. mapanac_wBn.jpg