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Americo's Mod V.2 2016-10-05

Americo's Mod V.2

  1. americo
    Version 2
    added Eldorado and Youth Fountain
    New Music for Sweden,Denmark and Courland
    added New Fathers Koshiusko,Drake, and Galvez, who will help your revolution with Lafayette and their soldiers
    different religion_catholic,Protestant and Orthodox
    college can train veteran
    new styles:portuguese,Spanish,Aztec and Inuit
    new natives:inuit ad maya
    new units:musketman,Cuirassier,armed converted,pope,Merchant

    I modified Age Of Discovery adding new Sweden, new Scotland, New danmark
    I created Alaska e New Courland
    I added custom house
    I modified all the flag
    thank to all the civfanatics modder!