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Amurite Armageddon Scenario for FfH2 0.31e 2016-10-05

Amurite Armageddon Scenario for FfH2 0.31e

  1. Sureshot
    Amurite Armageddon Scenario

    The Amurites have been dabbling in darker magicks, and while they claim it is for the sake of science, their neighbours disbelieve and have formed an alliance to stop them before it is too late.
    As the Amurites you must hold off the alliance until you can achieve greater power. The three most immediate and obvious routes are through sorcery, priests, or a pact with Hyborem himself.

    Ingame Image:
    Spoiler :

    Only Ashen Veil, the Order, and Runes are allowed and already researched. Ashen Veil will be founded in a random Amurite city, and the other two will be founded in the AI cities.
    This scenario is pretty much a prequel to my Bannor Armageddon Scenario, the idea being that the Amurites were the ones to summon Hyborem into the world to defend themselves (to their dismay he will automatically declare on them) against the alliance (who attacked thinking they would do such a thing, causing that very thing).
    The true to story victory of this is to switch to Hyborem and destroy everyone, including your old Amurite self.