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Amurite Mages 2016-10-05

Amurite Mages

  1. seZereth

    Hi, i got a PM in which i was asked to do someone a favour and release the Amurite Adept before the next version of FfH II is released (where it will be included anyway...)
    so, well as i already uploaded this stuff a long time ago (Kael just forgot about the adept ;) ) i link it here for everyone who wants to play with the adept before the release.
    The zip also includes some alternative (not officially used) Models for the Wizard (created to match the button) and the Archmage (i dont like his face texture, the great enginieer is strangely unwrapped ;) )
    all of them use the grenadier animation and can throw fireballs if used properly ;)

    Have fun.

    (the screenshot is taken from the nifviewer, so dont fear, everything pink up there will be glossy in game ;) and the glow around the archmages head will be pure white ;) )

    and as always, if you want to use the stuff in your mod or base modifications on it, credit me and ffh2... hope i don`t demand too much with that ;)