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Ancient Illyria and Ethnic Albania v0.95 2016-10-05

Ancient Illyria and Ethnic Albania v0.95

  1. Shqype
    Adds Ancient Illyria and Ethnic Albania as Playable Civilizations for BTS 3.13!

    =Illyria (starts with The Wheel and Mining technologies)
    -Featuring the Illyrian Queen and King:
    --Teuta (Aggressive, Expansive, favors Representation)
    --Bardhylli (Industrious, Imperialistic, favors Vassalage)
    -Unique units:
    --Lembi (replaces galley, Illyrian Flavor unit)
    --Kambsor (Illyrian replacement for the spearman)
    ---5 strength, 0-2 first strikes, +100% vs mounted units, 35 cost

    =Albania (starts with Mysticism and Agriculture technologies)
    -Featuring the Athlete of Christ:
    --Gjergj Kastrioti (Protective, Charismatic, favors Theocracy, favors Christianity)
    -Unique unit:
    --Kalorsë (Albanian replacement for the Knight)
    ---10 strength, 2 movement, ignores terrain movement cost, doesn't receive defensive bonuses, can cause collateral damage, 100 cost

    -Unique Building (For Illyria and Albania)
    --Kuvend (replacement for the courthouse)
    ---25% additional military unit production, 50% reduction in maintenance cost, +1 culture per turn, 120 cost

    Forum Thread Link: http://forums.civfanatics.com/showthread.php?t=160593