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Ancient Lusitani Celtiberians (Portugal) 2016-10-05

Ancient Lusitani Celtiberians (Portugal)

  1. The Capo
    Here are some Lusitani Celtiberian units I am using for the Portuguese ancient era in my upcoming mod. They can be used for an ancient Celtiberian civ or an ancient mod in general, or whatever you want really!

    Achilleszero was integral to making these units, so he deserves a lot of credit for them.

    The Swordsman uses Praetorian animations
    The Spearman uses GreekPhalanx.kfm
    The Chariot uses Celtic Chariot animations
    The Horseman uses Companion Cavalry animations
    The Axeman uses Maceman animations
    The Archer uses Archer animations



    1. ancientlusitaniunits_219.jpg