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Ancient Maya Scenario for G&K (v.8) 2016-10-05

Ancient Maya Scenario for G&K (v.8)

  1. FramedArchitect
    Unify the Maya kingdoms & survive the Collapse!
    This scenario places you on the throne of a powerful Maya Kingdom in 1000BC, and allows you to guide your people through the rise and fall of classical Maya civilization. You have until 1000AD (150 Turns) to unify the Maya as they never were in history, either by capturing all rival capitals or founding a unified Maya religion and spreading it to every city. In order to win the scenario, you must survive the calamitous events of the Classic Collapse, a time of great troubles marked by foreign invasion, famine and perpetual war.

    Scenario Features
    * Play as one of six great Maya Kingdoms: Tikal, Calakmul, Palenque, Yaxchilan, Copan or Coba.
    * Each playable civilization is ranked from easy to hard, allowing to choose a difficulty level.
    * Each playable civilization has new Unique Buildings and Units. Each Kingdom’s Trait includes a bonus when researching a technology important in their historical development.
    * Each Civilization can train the powerful Lord Ahau (King) unit. While alive, the Ahau provides bonuses to the Kingdom’s happiness and culture. The Ahau’s combat prowess and bonuses grow over time, but if he dies the Kingdom must pay to construct his tomb and suffer unhappiness until a new Ahau is trained.
    * All new Tech Tree, Buildings, Units and Policies reflect Maya culture.
    * New resources, including Feathers, Jade, Obsidian and Cacao, capture the feel of Mesoamerica.
    * Ten new Pantheon Beliefs dedicated to important Maya gods, and eight new Founder and Follower Beliefs add variety and authenticity to Religion.
    * A series of scripted events reflect the upheavals of the Classic Collapse, and will greatly challenge your Kingdom.
    * Special thanks to Danrell, for almost all the unit models in this mod!

    How to Load
    Activate Mod > Single Player > Custom Game> Ancient Maya Scenario> Load Mod
    If you have trouble downloading or installing this mod (i.e. the mod does not display in your Mods list), see this guide.

    Requires Gods and Kings Expansion!


    1. 01_4Lm.jpg
    2. 06_as6.jpg
    3. 01b_Z1s.jpg
    4. 01c_Z2W.jpg
    5. city_late_h8S.jpg
    6. tech_early_Mjc.jpg
    7. religion_beliefs_I4h.jpg
    8. victory_defeat_dVf.jpg