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Ancient - Pictish Tracker (Scout) 2016-10-05

Ancient - Pictish Tracker (Scout)

  1. Anaerin
    This is my Pictish Tracker unit. It replaces the Scout and is a unique unit in my Pictish Civ.

    There are two versions, the Ancient, and a Medieval one. By using the xml info provided, the units art will change in Medieval times. Purely artistic.

    I have also included the artwork for the Pictish trained BlackWolf and WolfDog that accompany the Pictish Tracker (Scout). These dog units are purely artistic (not units in themselves).

    In the enclosed Read Me file I explain how I use the unit in my Pictish Civ, if you wish to try it out and duplicate. In my civ there is no warrior unit, only Tracker's, and then Hunters (with Archery).

    To get the full effect, switch off 'Single Units' in the Options setting. Hope everyone enjoys it. Feel free to leave constructive criticism. I would be interested to hear opinions. :)


    1. pictish_tracker_s__scout_27G.png
    2. pictish_blackwolf_04o.png