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Anglo-Saxon MOD v3 2016-10-05

Anglo-Saxon MOD v3

  1. PrimoXanthous
    :king:This MOD add the Anglo-Saxon Civ to the Game with their Leader Harold Godwinson

    Trait: "Castle builders" Swordsmen and Huscarl could build a unique improvement "Motte and Bailey". Gain Culture from each enemy unit killed.

    Unique Unit: Huscarl----> replaces Longswordsman with 50% :c5strength: bonus to mounted and cover I promotion , making it a deadly defensive unit.

    Unique Improvement: Motte and Bailey----> This improvement is much like of a citadel it creates a damage to any enemy units which end its turn near to it and creates 100% :c5strength: defensive bonus to any unit stationed on it.

    ~Compatible with "Gods and Kings"~

    for more info see Readme.txt in the MOD Directory


    1. saxon_load_screen_7n1.jpg
    2. saxon_unit_huscarl_1_b9I.jpg
    3. saxon_unit_huscarl_2_QAP.jpg
    4. saxon_unit_huscarl_3_sxg.jpg