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Animated Wonder Movies for Thomas' War 2016-10-05

Animated Wonder Movies for Thomas' War

  1. tsentom1
    Download Mirror, hosted at File Front

    Due to size constraints regarding the download, by default Thomas' War includes static leader heads and wonder movies. Animated leader heads and wonder movies are available to download and are installed similar to a patch by either unzipping them into the Thomas' War directory or copying the Assets directory over.

    Note, if you were experiencing significant MAFS with previous versions it is not recommended you switch to animated leader heads or wonder movies as the game runs better and is smaller in size with their static versions.

    However, the animated and static versions do not break saves so it is possible to begin the game with animated versions and install and switch over to static later in the game.

    To install simply extract into your Thomas' War folder.

    The default install path should be something like:

    Program Files/Firaxis Games/Sid Meier's Civilization 4/Beyond the Sword/Mods/Thomas' War

    Alternatively, copy and overwrite (don't delete) the Assets folder. This replaces the files found in Assets/Art/Movies/Wonders).

    Hosted at Atomic Gamer, I know there's a download wait but it's more stable than File Front (which erased all my files for no reason a week ago), plus not everyone can download from File Front anyway. There is a mirror for File Front listed above.

    Thomas' War Download

    Thomas' War Thread

    Many Thanks to Arian for most of these movies

    This requires a re-download of the core mod as of version 3.5

    Zipped: 246 MB; Unzipped 263 MB


    1. thomaswartitle_z4w_r9m.jpg