Anno Domini - Enemies of Rome

Anno Domini - Enemies of Rome 1.01

Arminius of the Germans

Civilization trait: Germanic Expansion: Extra territory upon founding cities. +1 faith and +1 production from tundra.

Leader trait: Legacy of Teutoburg Forest: Additional military policy slot. +7 combat strength when attacking city-states.

Leader agenda: Germanic Influence: Likes civilizations who do not associate with city-states. Does not like suzerains of city-states, or civilizations who conquered city-states.

Hannibal of Carthage
Civilization trait: Treasure Fleet: May form fleets and armadas earlier than usual (Mercantilism). Trade routes between multiple continents receive bonus gold for routes to other civilizations, and bonus food and production for routes between your own cities.

Leader trait: Magnanimous: After recruiting or patronizing a Great Person, 20% of its Great Person point cost is refunded.

Leader agenda: Patron of the Arts: Likes civilizations who are not competing for Great People, and will recruit Great People whenever possible. Dislikes losing a Great Person to another civilization.

Teuta of Illyria
Civilization trait: Illyrii Proprie Dicti: Palace gets double the amount of culture. Ampitheatres, libraries and shrines get double the amount of their main yield.

Leader trait: Piracy: Naval units gain +7 combat in shallow water.

Leader agenda: Queen Regent: Builds up culture and is protective towards city-states. Dislikes civilizations who are too powerful or settle too close and is intolerant of civilizations with different government types.

Vercingetorix of the Gauls
Civilization trait: Unification of the Gallic tribes: Each city can build one more district than usual (exceeding the normal limit based on population).

Leader trait: Legacy of Alesia: Units receive a +5 combat strength on their home continent.

Leader agenda: Revolt against Rome: Likes civilizations that have a strong military and faith and culture output. Dislikes civilizations that are strong in military but weak in faith and culture output.
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