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Anno Domini Rise of Cities edition 27

Play the ancient world

  1. Rob (R8XFT)

    Anno Domini: Rise of Cities is an ancient era full conversion mod. Play as one of over 100 civilizations from the "Old World" from the dawn of time to the early Middle Ages.

    The mod includes a unique tech tree, with many new buildings, units and wonders linked to the ancient world. The civilizations come in themed packs, so you can customise who is in the random mix of opponents, and the themes range from "Enemies of Rome" to "Roman Britain".

    Anno Domini incorporates it's own version of various modcomps, including the Community Patch, Piety and Prestige, Rise to Power, Events and Decisions, Mercenaries and Tomatekh's historical religions.

    If you wish to immerse yourself into a Civ5 ancient world battle, this is the mod to download and play!

    Please note that Anno Domini uses a custom dll and therefore will not work on a Mac

    Instructions on how to add Anno Domini to your Mods folder and what to select on the main menu when playing.
    1. Delete all other versions and unsubscribe from Steam - this version is incompatible and I don't have the room on Steam to upload it.
    2. Download and extract the folder to anywhere on your hard drive.
    3. The main Anno Domini Version 27 folder is NOT to be transferred across anywhere; it's the contents you need to transfer.
    4. Transfer the folders inside the main download folder into your Documents/My Games/Sid Meier's Civilization V/Mods/ folder.
    5. Load up Civilization V and click on Mods. You'll see a number of options available now. The ones you HAVE to select are the main Anno Domini and Anno Domini art files. These contain the base game and the required art. You must also select at least one civilization pack.
    6. Select as many of the other folders as you like. Each has a number of civilizations in it grouped by type, e.g. Greek civilizations.

    Thanks to the following people for their help with this mod:

    Community Patch team - the mod incorporates a recent version of the CP, which much improved gameplay in the mod
    Danmasch - civilizations
    Danrell - unit skins
    DJS Henniger - civilizations and icons
    FramedArchitect - Greatest cities, Reforestation, traits and coding help
    Hiram - civilizations
    JanBoruta - lots of art and moral support
    JFD - Rise to Power, Mercenaries (with Pouakai), Cities in Development plus many civilizations
    JTitan - unit skins
    LastSword - civilizations
    LeeS - help with lua and Scipio's Rome
    Light in the East team - civilizations
    MoreCivs team - civilizations
    Moriboe - civilizations
    Nutty - city state leaders and coding help
    Sukritact - Events and decisions plus civilizations
    TarciscioCM - civilizations
    Tomatekh - civilizations and the historical religions mod
    TPangolin - Vietnam, icons and moral support
    Virigel - maps
    WHoward69 - coding help
    Wodhann - icons

Recent Reviews

  1. Imchoo
    Version: 27
    The download link doesn't work. Please fix it :)
  2. JNZS13
    Version: 27
    Still awesome in 2019. Tnx, Rob!