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Antagonise's Civilizations and Leaders

Latest Release: Henry VII

  1. Antagonise
    New Civilizations
    New Leaders
    Wu Zetian (China)
    Spoiler Wu Zetian :
    Ability: The Second Zhou
    Patronizing Great People costs 20% less Faith or Gold. +50% Production towards Holy Sites districts, Shrines and Temples.

    Agenda: Maitreya
    Builds up as much Faith and acquires as many Great People as possible. Admires civilizations that focus on Faith. Hates civilizations that recruit too many Great People.

    Taizong of Tang (China)
    Spoiler Taizong :
    Ability: Four Garrisons of Anxi
    Units fighting within 2 tiles of an Encampment receive +4 Combat Strength and generate Gold from kills. Encampment buildings each provide +1 Production, +3 Gold to their city.

    Agenda: Heavenly Khagan
    Accumulates as much Gold income as possible while maintaining a standing army. Protective towards less wealthy civilizations, aggressive towards civilizations that generate large amounts of Gold.

    Henry VII (England)
    Spoiler Henry VII :
    Ability: Intercursus Magnus
    Your international Trade Routes receive increased yields from resources and features adjacent to your cities. Gain the Drydock unique building when the Mass Production technology is researched.

    Building: Drydock (Shipyard)
    English unique building when Henry VII is their leader. +33% Production towards Rennaisance and Industrial Era Naval units. Provides capacity for an additional district if adjacent to the city.

    Agenda: Navigation Acts
    Aims to maintain a steady income and sizeable navy. Likes civilizations that complete Harbor Shipping projects while not competing for the favor of city-states. Dislikes civilizations who compete for the favor of the same city-states.

    Upcoming Civilizations & Leaders

    Celtic Nations Plus: Brittany, Cornwall, Ireland, Mann, Scotland, Wales
    Alternate Leader: Taizong (China)