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Arab Modern Age Units (Arab Revolt) 2016-10-05

Arab Modern Age Units (Arab Revolt)

  1. Bakuel
    The Arab Revolt (1916–1918) (Arabic: الثورة العربية‎ Al-Thawra al-`Arabīya) (Turkish: 'Arap İsyanları') was initiated by the Sherif Hussein bin Ali with the aim of securing independence from the ruling Ottoman Turks and creating a single unified Arab state spanning from Aleppo in Syria to Aden in Yemen.

    These units represent the Arabic Army during this time, but could be used for flavor units for any Arabic civilization's early modern period.

    Animation directions are in the zip.

    Discussion Thread

    Edit: Added Anti-Tank and SAM infantry as per Xyth's request.


    1. arabmodernpic0_jwN.jpg
    2. arabmodernpic1_0Ud.jpg
    3. arabrevoltsamantitankinfantrypic1_6I0.jpg