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Archids Slavery Mod 2016-10-05

Archids Slavery Mod

  1. Archid
    Expands the slavery civic to allow slavers to go out and grab slaves from your rivals...or friends. The captured slaves can be put to work either in a city or in the fields around.

    This mod started as moving the Slaver Promotion mod by frekk (http://forums.civfanatics.com/showthread.php?t=325513) into the SDK as I wanted to improve the slave AI so that its higher build rate wasn't wasted on things that could be built quickly by ordinary workers. Once started I then decided to expand on it somewhat so though the concept is pretty much the same the way it works is different.

    Forum thread is here

    A new Slaver combat type has been created so that not all units can capture slaves. There are 3 units of this type which are upgradable based on spearmen, macemen & infantry for the advancing eras. Each of the unit types is slighty less powerful than its base unit, but has the advantage that it is invisble to most other units, with Recon and other Slavers being the only ones who can see them. Slavers also have hidden nationality and can move into both enemy and friendly territory capturing slaves without starting a war.

    Slaves are captured by either fighting another unit and winning, or being present in a stack that wins a battle. Capturing a slave does not automatically give you a slave unit, you need to take the slaver to a city with a slave market which must buy the slave first. Each slaver has a limited number of slaves that it can hold before it needs to offload some. There are promotions to increase the number of slaves that can be held and the more advanced slaver types have a higher base value. Animals and mechanical units cannot be enslaved.

    Once a city has bought a slave it can either put it to work in the BFC in which case the unit will work at 500% the work rate of a normal worker, but will die once the improvement has been built. Alternatively the slave can be put to work in the city itself providing a boost to both food and production. If the slave was a Great Person before it was captured then they can be settled as a 'slave professional' where it is assumed that they assist similarly minded individuals, e.g. a Great Artist that was captured can be put to work in the city providing some culture, but less than a standard artist specialist. The exception to this is a captured Great General who would not typically help his acptors in military matters so can work as a normal slave. There is a configurable chance each turn that a slave working a city will die, with the chance for professional slaves being defined separately as they are more likely to be treated better. The chance of death scales with the game duration.

    The cost of each slave to a city is configurable and increases by a configurable amount with each slave bought.

    The number of slaves that can be settled in a city is configurable as a percentage of the city population, so for example you may need a city of size 2 before you can put a slave to work in the city itself. You can have any number working the BFC.

    Slave markets are buildings that are available at Bronze Working and add a small production and happiness bonus to a city. They are also a pre-req for buying slaves from slavers. There is a National Slave Auction national wonder that provides a slave market in every city.

    In order to build slavers, capture slaves with existing slavers, build slave mnarkets or for cities to buy slaves the civ must be running the Slavery civic. If you change out of this civic then slavers will refuse to move, only defending themselves and the slave markets will caese doing business with their happiness and production bonuses being lost. If you change back to the slavery civic then the slavers become happy again and the will markets start doing business again.

    The AI knows how to use both slavers and slaves. For slavers it checks if it needs to offload slaves, or if it is in a city vicinity and is at least half full then it will offload them. It will pop goody huts if it finds them and hunts out slaves in a widening area. It will also join a stack that is hunting close by and will move a few places to join a stack that is going to attack a city. For slaves the AI will determine if there is a high-value improvement that needs to be built in the BFC and send the slave to do that otherwise it checks on whether to work the slave in a city in a similar way to the decision making around joining GPs. If it still can't find anything to do then it will be used in lower value improvments. Both units will retreat to a city if in danger.

    Game Additions
    Slave - 500% worker work rate; can work in city or build improvement in BFC; dies after building improvement
    Slaver - Based on spearman, can capture slaves, can hold 1 slave, invisible to normal units, visible to recon & slaver units
    Slave Trader - Based on maceman, can capture slaves, can hold 2 slaves, invisible to normal units, visible to recon & slaver units
    People Trafficker - Based on infantryman, can capture slaves, can hold 3 slaves, invisible to normal units, visible to recon & slaver units

    Slave market - +1 production, +1 happiness, can buy slaves from slavers, can put slaves to work in city
    National Slave Auction - national wonder, slave market in every city

    Slaver I - Allows 1 extra slave, requires Combat I, only available to slavers
    Slaver II - Allows 1 extra slave, can move on enemy roads, requires Slaver I, only available to slavers
    Slaver III - Allows 1 extra slave, +1 movement, requires Slaver II, only available to slavers

    Changed SDK files are included and commented with Archid

    - frekk for the original mod idea, plus the buildings
    - Little Red Point for the slave skins
    - Sabotleigh for the slaver unit
    - unit icon by the frenchman
    - sell slave mission icon basen on work bythe frenchman
    - some AI code, building civic prereqs and enabling/disabling buildings by Afforess, plus the unit civic prereqs are based on his code