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Area 51 2016-10-05

The most (in)famous base to "never exist", Area 51 is located approxamitely 90-100 miles northwest of Las Vegas, NV and is adjacent to the Nevada Test Site. It is property of the Department of Defense (DoD) and the United States Air Force. The base is also famed as being the subject of many UFO conspiracy theories.

Comes with a choice of three buttons for the Civilopedia.

fScale: 2.0

Instructions for Install:

Extract this Folder directly into your Assets/Art/Structures/Buildings folder. I've made two versions of Area 51. You may choose which one you want to use, or use both!

After that, just plug in the info into the approperiate XML files.

Thanks goes to:

hrochland for his Radar Tower.

Here is the second version as requested by Impaler[WrG]

Enjoy! :scan:
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