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Armies of Africa: Colonial Camel Troops 2016-12-27

Camel mounted troops of colonial Africa and the Middle East

  1. Balam-Agab
    Camel mounted soldiers who fought as part of the colonial armies of Northern Africa and the Middle East in the first half of the 20th century. This pack contains troops of the British, French, Italian, and Spanish empires, as well as native auxiliaries and irregulars who could have formed part of several armies (a full list is below).

    Spoiler :
    British (L-R)
    British Imperial Camel Corps
    Australian Imperial Camel Corps
    Indian Imperial Camel Corps
    Somaliland Camel Corps
    Anglo-Egyptian Sudan Camel

    French Foreign Legion Méhariste

    Italian (L-R)
    Eritrean Meharisti
    Somali Meharisti
    Libyan Meharisti

    Tropas Nómadas

    Local Auxiliaries(L-R)
    Somali (Dubat)

    Credits to Kinboat, utahjazz7, Micaelus, Steph, and Moeniir.

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Recent Reviews

  1. Node60
    Version: 2016-12-27
    Cool units!