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Armoured (or not) Train Sounds 2016-10-05

Armoured (or not) Train Sounds

  1. ShadowOfDeath
    Sounds for various kinds of railroad trains. There is no real armoured train for CivIII, but in some of my private scenarios I'm using a replacements for such unit like fantastic units made by tom2050 (maglev steampunk train), wyrmshadow (wells land-ironclad, steamtank kubelwagen), takayama (land battleship) or even aaglo steamtank (however Warhammer ST used as a armor-train looks rather crude, like most of the early XIX locomotives ;) ) with alternate sound I wish to share.

    Most of them come from Railroad Tycoon 2, there are different speeds of running steam engine in the file - but no attack sounds as I'm usually using defaulf sound from the game for train guns or maginegun nests.

    Also I have hope that someday somebody will create a real armoured train of some kind for late XIX/early XX century so those sound may come in handy. ;)


    1. armouredtraincart_Wsu.png