Arnor Unit Pack (LOTR)

Arnor Unit Pack (LOTR) 2020-09-12

Here's a unit pack containing 35 Arnor units from Middle-earth.


These units are for my Middle-earth Mod. Feel free to use these in whatever mod you'd like, and I would love to hear about it if you do.

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Units (35) included are:
Spoiler :

Arnor Warrior
Arnor Axeman
Arnor Heavy Axeman
Arnor Footman
Arnor Heavy Footman
Arnor Spearman
Arnor Heavy Spearman
Arnor Pikeman
Arnor Swordsman
Arnor Longswordsman
Arnor Infantry
Arnor Heavy Infantry
Arnor Militia
Arnor City Guard
Arnor Archer
Arnor Marksman
Arnor Longbowman
Arnor Crossbowman
Arnor Composite Bowman
Arnor Shortbowman
Arnor Scout
Arnor Mounted Scout
Arnor Hunter
Arnor Rangers
Arnor Light Cavalry
Arnor Horse Archer
Arnor Heavy Horse Archer
Arnor Heavy Cavalry
Arnor Knight
Arnor Lancer
Arnor Mounted Infantry
Arnor Cataphract
Arnor Sapper
Arnor Besieger
Arnor Worker

XML and buttons are (as usual) included. Just paste these guys in your Art/Units folder and choose the unit art they replace. :cool: You will have to move the buttons folder to the correct place.

Some of these units were originally released by Chuggi. (Specifically the worker and (I believe?) the warrior.) I am re-releasing them here for convenience.
Many others. If you recognize some of your work, please let me know and I will highlight you here.
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