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ARS - Improved Movement v1.4

Overhauls the unit movement system. Allows multiple units per tile. Increases base movement.

  1. Arstahd
    Overhauls the unit movement system to allow for more fluid gameplay.

    Introduces 3 new combat unit formation classes: Land Ranged, Land Cavalry, and Naval Ranged. Units with differing formation classes may occupy the same tile. This is complemented by increased base movement for all units.

    Combat unit formation classes.
    • Land Combat : Consisting of Melee, Recon, and Anti-Cavalry Units.
    • Land Ranged : Consisting of Ranged and Siege Units.
    • Land Cavalry : Consisting of Light Cavalry and Heavy Cavalry Units.
    • Naval Combat : Consisting of Naval Melee and Naval Carrier Units.
    • Naval Ranged : Consisting of Naval Ranged and Naval Raider units.

    Increased base unit movement.
    • +1 movement to Land units.
    • +1 movement to Air units.
    • +2 movement to Sea units.
    • +2 movement to Embarked units.

    Adjustments to roads and road building.
    • Settlers can build roads. (6 charges base, 12 with The Wheel)
    • Railroads now cost 3 Iron and are unlocked with Combined Arms.
    • Classical road movement cost = 75%. (was 100%)
    • Industrial road movement cost = 60%. (was 75%)
    • Modern road movement cost = 50%. (unchanged)
    • Railroad movement cost = 33%. (was 25%)

    Other notes.
    • Units no longer swap positions during movement.
    • Units with the new formation classes are unable to Auto Explore.
    • A tile may contain a unit from each formation class.
    • The AI can utilize unit stacking without issue.

    Compatible with the base game and both expansions.
    Compatible with "Warfare Expanded: Reloaded" mod.