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Ars Morendi 2016-10-05

Ars Morendi,
modelled and painted from scratch for Fall from Heaven II

uses byzantine_cataphract animation (not included)

"...and the last of the four shall be called Ars Morendi; not to be known by any other name by mortals, as none will know him and live...
...he shall be the most cruel and powerful of the horsemen, dousing the spark of life in mortal souls through his presence alone, yet many shall come to greet him with longing rather than despair...
...his shall be the final embrace, as countless souls will fall to his blade, only to rise again to join his dark retinue of wailing spirits; yearning now to consume the souls of their former families, friends and neighbors...
...he shall leave in his wake an empty world; once proud cities fallen into ruin, marketplaces once filled with laughter and conversation now desolate and abandoned, the only voices heard the rushing of dead leaves in the cold wind..."

use it as you wish, but give me credit
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