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Artificial Unintelligence Lite 2016-10-05

Artificial Unintelligence Lite

  1. Delnar_Ersike
    Artificial Unintelligence Lite
    Latest version: v9 w/ mini-update, released 2015-01-09

    Improves Civilization 5's Artificial Intelligence (Computer Players). Nothing more, nothing less.

    This is the Lite version of the mod Artificial Unintelligence: it contains XML modifications exclusively, so it is maximally compatible with other mods, especially ones that modify the DLL.
    If compatibility is not an issue or you are willing to forgo the use of DLL mods in exchange for serious AI improvements, do consider using the mod's full version instead (link at the bottom of the description).

    Although the mod is a bit bare-bones, the improved AI is immediately noticeable: on Prince difficulty, it will actually keep up in technology, rarely have prolonged money problems, and can actually win wars decisively against other AIs and city states. There are still quite a few problematic areas however, such as promotion management, voting, city placement, and unit management; these aspects have been addressed or are being addressed in the mod's full version, as XML modifications get you only so far. The result is a much better AI, which, although still not without faults, can put up a much better fight without having to rely on bonuses.

    The mod has been designed to work with or without any and all official DLC's and expansions, though you will get the most mileage out of this mod when playing with Brave New World. It should also be compatible with mods that do not alter existing AI strategies (ones that add new strategies via CvGameCoreDLL should be fine, eg. Smart AI and Civ4 Diplomatic Options).

    Complete changelog is located in the mod's folder (browse to it via My Games\Sid Meier's Civilization 5\MODS\Artificial Unintelligence Lite).

    Installation Instructions:
    Extract the contents of the .zip file to your Civilization V mods directory (C:\Users\[Username]\Documents\My Games\Sid Meier's Civilization 5\MODS by default). Remember to enable the mod in-game via the mods item in the main menu!

    Forum Thread

    Workshop Link to Full Version
    Workshop Link to Lite Version

    CivFanatics Link to Full Version

    GitHub Repository for Source Code to Full Version's DLL (Fully populated!)
    All of my changes are wrapped in preprocessor directives using defines located in AuI.h. Parameters that have the word "FIX" in them are fixes for AI bugs or bad code (therefore merging them should be a priority).