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Asian Ship Project v4.0 2016-10-05

v4.0 updated 3 August 08

This is basically a community collection of various Asian Ships from the Age of Sail that can be used as flavor units to replace the "western" styled ships in Civ4.

Included in this pack are generic Asian replacements for the Galley, Trireme, Galleass, Frigate and Ship of the Line.

v2.0 offers two versions of the Kobukson... an arrow-firing version (Galley Kobukson) and a cannon-firing version (Galleas Kobukson).

v3.0 includes the new Zheng He Treasure Ship Galleon model by Coyote, plus additional skins.

v4.0 includes many new "Dragon ship" skins for the Trireme and Caravel... including Green, Gold, Red, Blue & Black.

Credits for these models belong to:
Galley Atakebune - Chuggi
Trireme Dragon - Coyote & Xenomorph (team), custom skins by Wolfshanze & DWolf
Galley Kobukson - Chamaedrys & Xenomorph (team)
Galleas Kobukson - Chamaedrys & Xenomorph (team)
Caravel - by Firaxis, custom skins by Wolfshanze & DWolf
Galleon Zheng He Treasure Ship - Coyote with skins by Roland, Wolfshanze & tsentom1
Frigate Junk - General Matt
SotL Large Junk - General Matt

Fixed Animations:
Thanks to Coyote for fixing the animations!

Animations used:
1) Galley Atakebune uses Default Gally Animations
2) Trireme Dragon uses Default Trireme Animations
3) Galley Kobukson uses Default Gally Animations
4) Galleas Kobukson uses included Animations
5) Caravel uses Default "Ship_Asian" Animations
6) Galleon Zheng He Treasure Ship uses Default Galleon Animations
7) Frigate Junk uses Default Frigate Animations
8) SotL Large Junk uses Default Frigate Animations

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