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Asiento scenario for ToT 2020-05-14

Prometheus' Asiento Civ-2 scenario converted for ToT

  1. gapetit
    "Asiento" is centered on the colonial side of the Spanish Succession War.
    You may want to use standard CIV points calculating system, or use the scheme below..
    Even is seems easy to win, i can assure you it's not. :)



    To reach and/or improve the Utrecht threaty situation.
    This threaty assigned these lands to the Allies:

    * English: Newfoundland, Acadia, some of the Antilles ( from France);
    Gibraltar and Minorca ( from Spain);
    * Dutch: the Border Line against France ( from Spain );
    some of the Antilles ( from France ).

    * Portugal: Caienna ( from France ).

    Your goals: to reach and/or improve this score, if Allies;
    to reverse this situation, if French or Spanish.


    Playing as multiplayer you must calculate:

    * 3 points for taking an enemy capital;
    * 2 points for every colony taken to enemy;
    * 1 point for every town taken in Europe.
    * Indipendent cities' score value is 0.

    You can play as team ( then you must add every single player score to the team one ).

    Note: Dutch must calculate 2 points for Spanish towns.
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