ASOIAF House Stark (Robb) 2016-10-05

ASOIAF House Stark (Robb)

  1. IlMatteo8
    Adds House Stark, led by Robb Stark. Based on book series A Song of Ice and Fire by George R. R. Martin.

    The Young Wolf is often underestimated, but when it comes to war, he is as fierce as his name suggests. His UA gives him great benefits to making use of Great Generals and being able to act quickly once war is started. His UU, the Loyal Bannerman, grants him a means to make a large and powerful army with great ease. The UI, the Forward Camp, helps him move his military quickly and make strikes wherever needed.

    - - -
    UA: Young Wolf: Great Generals are 10% more effective. Once Chivalry has been reasearched, a Loyal Bannermen unit spawns in each city when war is declared. When war is declared, all of your units gain +2 Moves.
    UU: Loyal Bannerman
    - Replaces the Knight. Only has 2 Moves, but has 21 Strength(instead of 20), costs no Iron or Horses, and starts with 15 extra XP.
    UI: Forward Camp
    - Does not replace anything. Provides a 35% Defense bonus(as opposed to 50% from a Fort) to units stationed on it. Stark units that begin their turn on a Forward Camp gain +2 Moves.

    - - -

    - Images:
    - - Robb Diplo - Images captured from Game of Thrones(the show)
    - - Robb Icon - Ming1918
    - - Forward Camp - Images captured from Game of Thrones(the show)
    - - Loyal Bannerman - Tomasz Jedruszek
    - - North Map - From

    - Music:
    - - Peace - King of the North, by Ramin Djawadi
    - - War - Pack of Wolves, by Ramin Djawadi

    - And of course, thanks to George R.R. Martin for writing the amazing series A Song of Ice and Fire.