ASOIAF The Wildlings 2016-10-05

ASOIAF The Wildlings

  1. IlMatteo8
    Adds the Wildlings, led by Mance Rayder. Based on the book series A Song of Ice and Fire by George R.R. Martin.

    Mance Rayder will go to great lengths to protect his people, and he has a great diversity during war. His UA promotes having great numbers in war while changing the tactics you need to use, as well as granting some benefit to spreading the free folk to new lands. His first UU, the Climber, requires no Iron to be built and is able to move over mountains. His other UU, the Giant, is a durable melee seige unit that grants culture as long as it draws breath.

    - - -
    UA: United Wilds: +15% Production of land units. Non-ranged land units are 10% weaker, but have a 100% bonus to flanking. +2 Culture to non-capital cities founded in different terrain than any other city.
    UU: Climber
    - Replaces the Swordsman. Requies no Iron and can cross mountains without harm. Can pillage without using movement.
    UU: Giant
    - Replaces the Trebuchet. Is a melee unit with 17 Strength, the standard 200% seige bonus against cities, as well as a 25% defense mod and an extra 30% defense mod from ranged attacks. (effectively takes 45% less damage from ranged attacks)

    - - -

    - Images:
    - - Mance Diplomacy - Images captured from Game of Thrones(the show)
    - - Mance Dawn of Man and Icon - Diego Gisbert
    - - Giant - Images captured from Game of Thrones(the show)
    - - Climber - Vincent Dutrait
    - - Beyond the Wall Map - From

    - Music:
    - - Peace - The Real North, by Ramin Djawadi
    - - War - Let's Kill Some Crows, by Ramin Djawadi

    - And of course, thanks to George R.R. Martin for writing the amazing series A Song of Ice and Fire.