ASOIAF White Walkers 2016-10-05

ASOIAF White Walkers

  1. IlMatteo8
    Adds the White Walkers(Others) to the game, led by the Night's King. Based on the book series A Song of Ice and Fire, by George R. R. Martin.

    The White Walkers/Others are mysterious beings of magical origins. They were thought to be gone once, but now they have returned. Their trait makes them slow, yet durable, and also makes them reliant on capturing cities. The maintenance also ensures they can have an enormous horde without facing economic consequences. The Other is their flagship unit, that has the ability to capture defeated units along with being available from the start. The Wight is their cannon fodder unit that will make up the bulk of their army. They will eventually be weak, but they can be produced in large numbers and heal when killing a unit, so they are valuable to use with swarming. The Corpse Symbol replaces the Barracks, and in stead of giving XP, it grants you 3 Wights, allowing you to get many units quickly.

    - - -
    UA: The Long Night: Melee, mounted, gun, recon, and naval melee units have 10% better defense. All land units have 1 less movement. Land unit maintenance cost is reduced by 100%. Cannot build settlers.
    UU: Other
    - Replaces the Warrior. Takes a little more production than a Swordsman, and has a strength of 18. Can capture defeated units. Has 3 movement. (effectively 2)
    UU: Wight
    - Replaces the Spearman. Heals 15 HP upon killing a unit.
    UB: Corpse Symbol
    - Replaces the Barracks. Does not give XP. Creates 3 Wights upon completion.

    - - -

    - Images:
    - - Night's King - ??? / Images captured from Game of Thrones(the show)
    - - Other- Marc Simonetti
    - - Wight - Images captured from Game of Thrones(the show)
    - - Corpse Symbol - Images captured from Game of Thrones(the show)
    - - The Lands of Always Winter Map - From

    - Music:
    - - Peace - White Walkers, by Ramin Djawadi
    - - War - Three Blasts, by Ramin Djawadi

    - And of course, thanks to George R.R. Martin for writing the amazing series A Song of Ice and Fire.

    A few quick side notes:
    1: I know they are called the Others in the books, but the game gets really confusing when the word Other appears in notifications/scrollover texts
    2: They are meant to be really powerful early on and overall a little bit overpowered. If you start next to them, have fun.