Assyrian Siege Tower 2020-04-11

Assyrian Siege Tower from Civ5

  1. PabloX
    Version: 2020-04-11
    Wow man this is just brilliant, btw how do you convert it from Civ 5 to Civ IV?? Do you have any tutorials because I want convert some units too and Im will be very appreciated if you can help.
    1. MightyToad
      Author's Response
      I just followed the Civ5 tutorials to import to blender. It is a real PITA, actually.
      Dragon unpacker to unpack the fpk. Nexus buddy to convert the gr2 model. Then Blender to convert the NB2.
      Then I rigged it to the modified skeleton from the previous siege tower I did that has the battering ram.
  2. Matsuda123
    Version: 2020-04-11
    Great stuff man, I loved this unit in 5. For it to be in 4 is fantastic. A lot of new siege units about to come out, that is for sure.