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AT-TE 2016-10-05

Full Name: All Terrain Tactical Enforcer
Affiliation: The Galactic Republic
Manufacturer: Rothana Heavy Engineering
Type: Heavy Walker
Size: 17 Meters Long; 10 Meters Tall
Weapons: 1 Heavy Laser Projectile Cannon; 6 Anti-Personnel Laser Cannons

Description: An intimidating assault walker, the "All Terrain Tactical Enforcer" (AT-TE) made its debut in the Battle of Geonosis, at the start of the Clone Wars. Developed secretly by Rothana Heavy Engineering, the AT-TE uses 6 articulated legs for propulsion and a body consisted of 2 armored halves which gives the walker more flexibility and a beetle like appearance. Contained within it's thick hull, the AT-TE can carry up to 25 clone troopers and 1 ton of cargo

The AT-TE has a heavy laser projectile cannon mounted on top of the vehicle to dish out heavy firepower with a range of up to 3km. The walker is also complemented with 4 ball-turret laser cannons mounted on the front and 2 ball-turret laser cannons in the back to provide optimized protection from close range attackers.

Although the AT-TE proved to be a big success for the Old Republic during the Clone Wars, the walkers were eventually replaced by the more powerful and menacing AT-AT during the reign of the Empire.
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