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Atlantic Map Modern Alliances [BTS] 2016-10-05

Atlantic Map Modern Alliances [BTS]

  1. HardRocker
    Atlantic Map

    I have made a map for dacubz's mod TTT-Modern Alliances. I love this mod, I enjoy it very much and would like to present this map for the mod.

    Although the title says "scenario", there are no scripted events and (almost) every nation starts on equal footing, so it's a lot more of a custom map. Plus, even though I hand-picked the nations, the leaders were set to random, partly because I find the leaderheads drop-down hard to navigate (just too many options... ;) ).


    And before you ask, yes, all Civ's start in their historical positions. :goodjob:

    The available Civ's are:
    -The Algerians (Fares)
    -The Austrians (Franz Josef)
    -The Belgians (Leopold II)
    -The Brazilians (Vargas)
    -The Canadians (Trudeau)
    -The Colombians (Pastrana)
    -The Cubans (Fidel Castro)
    -The Danes (Christian IX)
    -The Egyptians (Farouk I)
    -The Finnish (Kekkonen)
    -The French (Emile Loubet)
    -The Germans (Konrad Adenauer)
    -The Greeks (George I)
    -The Hungarians (Miklos Horthy)
    -The Israelites (Shimon Peres)
    -The Italians (Benito Mussolini)
    -The Jordanians (Rania Al Abdullah)
    -The Kazakhs (Nazarbayev)
    -The Liberians (Daniel Edward Howard)
    -The Libyans (Gadaffi)
    -The Malis (Amadou Toure)
    -The Moroccans (Mohammed VI)
    -The Norwegians (Haakon II)
    -The Poles (Moscicki)
    -The Russians (Trotsky)
    -The Spanish (Alfonso XIII)
    -The Swedes (Gustaf V)
    -The Turks (Ataturk)
    -The Americans (Ronald Reagan)
    -The Ukrainians (Tymoshenko)
    -The British (David Lloyd George)
    -The Monagesques (Monaco)

    Some explanation:
    I changed the Civ Descriptions (only in the WBS file, not in the XML) to the names of the peoples rather than the nation, I disliked the grammatically incorrect statements like "The Morocco's diplomat has committed a faux pas", for me it killed immersion just a little. When I googled what I should change the Monaco Civ Description to, I found that they actually call themselves Monagesques (you learn something new every day), so that's what I chose.

    The resources are abundantly balanced, but also encourage trade. The base game resources are abundant, however, the ones added in the mod are rare and, unless lucky, can only be attained through trade. Some resources were placed for historical accuracy, others for gameplay.

    Due to changes currently taking place in the mod, the map can only be played to turn 80, but feel free to enjoy it and use it as you wish.
    Spoiler :
    -dacubz for everything he added into his awesome mod
    -veBear for coming out of the closet (kidding, kidding....) and telling us he was the creator. Great map.


    1. belgium_starting_screen_Ops.jpg
    2. belgian_starting_situation_DwV.jpg
    3. carribean_Wpc.jpg
    4. mediterranean_P9k.jpg
    5. middle_east_k61.jpg
    6. north_america_MLt.jpg
    7. usa_starting_screen_Ylv.jpg
    8. usa_starting_situation_d8v.jpg