Austria HRE Switch 2016-10-05

Austria HRE Switch

  1. veBear
    This is a mod that removes HRE from the game (they're Germany anyways) and instead adds the Austrians :D

    Franz Joseph I (Ind/Org)
    Spoiler :

    K.U.K. Cavalry (Cavalry)
    - Only 110 :hammers: to produce (-10 from generic)
    - Starts with Blitz Promotion
    Spoiler :

    Civ Info Screenshot
    Spoiler :

    Austria uses the Rathaus as UB, and the Landskhnecht (or whatever) art is now the European Pikeman :)
    Frans Joseph also have unicue diplotext and personality

    For Modders:
    The Leadertag for Franz Joseph is LEADER_CHARLEMAGNE, and Austria uses the same colour and ART_DEF_CIVILIZATION as Holy Rome. Be aware of this when merging this with mod that includes Holy Rome.

    How to implement:
    Put in the in My Documents/My Games/Beyond The Sword/Mods directory or C:/Program Files/"Your Civilization IV Folder"/Beyond The Sword/Mods directory
    Then load the game and choose Options -> Load Mod -> HRE Austria Switch

    Enjoy :king:

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    - Ekmek for Franz Joseph LH
    - cool3a2 and GeneralMatt for Hungarian Hussar (used as K.U.K. Cavalry)
    - Me for putting thie together


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