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Austria-Hungary (v23 for NiGHTS (v12.0) 2016-10-05

Austria-Hungary (v23 for NiGHTS (v12.0)

  1. Karantaner
    This Mod adds the Civilization of Austria-Hungary with Emperor Franz-Josef as its leader.

    Special thanks also to zjb, as I use the Hussar graphics from his Polish Empire Mod.

    Trait: Cultural Heritage: Cities generate +1 culture per turn, and Great People are generated +40% faster in their capital.

    UU: Hungarian Hussar
    UB: Vienna Court Opera

    Compatibel with the lastest version of NiGHTS (v12.0) and CIV 5 (

    v3: required for latest CIV 5 version
    v2: some fixes and changes, e.g. to make sure that Hussar unit graphics are loaded properly.


    1. 2012_02_03_00003_qe0.jpg
    2. 2012_02_03_00002_nz9.jpg
    3. 2012_02_04_00001_2tn.jpg
    4. 2012_02_13_00001_t6W.jpg