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Austro-Hungarian Pre-Dreadnought 2016-10-05

This ship model, made by General Matt, represents the Erzherzog Karl class of pre-dreadnought battleships of the Austro-Hungarian Navy.

Built in Triest shipyard Stabilimento Tecnico Triestino and launched 1903 and commissioned 1905, the Erzherzog Karl class battleships were considered modern for their size. Dock space limitations and budgetary constraints resulted in a compact class, but nevertheless well designed and adequately protected.

However they were inferior to the more modern Dreadnought type designs – with their all big gun armament and turbine propulsion – on the ways while Erzherzog Karl class battleships were under construction. This limited their usage during World War I to shore bombardment and other secondary tasks.

At the outbreak of World War I the 3 ships formed the III division of the Austrian-Hungarian battle-fleet and spent most of the war based at Pola. In company with other units they took part in the bombardment of Ancona on May 24, 1915 expending 24 rounds of 240 mm shells at signal and semaphore stations as well as 74 rounds of 190 mm shells aimed at Italian gun-batterys and other port installations. In February 1918 they undertook further duties in quelling a mutiny at the port of Cattaro before returning to Pola. They were stationed at Cattaro from April 1918 until the end of the war, thereafter Erzherzog Karl being ceded as war reparation to France and the two others to the United Kingdom. The first sank on the way and was scrapped in Italy in 1920 the two latter being scrapped in the U.K. in 1921.

All needed files are included, as well as a free (generic) Austrian Protected Cruiser and buttons for both.

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