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AutoPlay gitHub

Small mod based on Firaxis code to launch the game in autoplay with active camera

  1. Gedemon
    This is a small mod based on Firaxis code to launch the game directly in autoplay with an active camera.

    If like me you launch countless AI games to test your code, or like AI battle royale, you may find it useful.

    Controls :
    • H : display all controls
    • U : show/hide User Interface
    • I : start/stop automatic camera
    • Shift+N : Notifications (war, peace, new cities, ...) On/Off
    • Shift+A : Start/Stop autoplay (you have to wait for the start of next turn)
    • Shift+W : Auto Declare War (each Civilization will try to declare one new war each turn) On/Off
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Recent Updates

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  2. version 3
  3. v.2 with more options

Recent Reviews

  1. valamas
    Version: .2
  2. Tipok
    Version: .2
    Интересная вещь.
  3. gelodgreat
    Version: .2
    Thanks for this really helpful. I suggest you add turn time indicator so the user can monit their time per turn
  4. iluzek
    Version: .2
    Tested (version .1) for about 2 hrs. Auto play worked great. No issues that i found. Good addition for mod testing.
  5. Zeusmoltar9
    Version: .1
    works very well, had a few hangs on loading on bigger maps but nothing that didn't work itself out.