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Avatar Scenario 2016-10-05

Avatar Scenario

  1. Darth Revan
    Hello Everybody!!

    I am glad to upload a new scenario wich works with normal Bts 3.19 game.
    I called this scenario Avatar because I took partial inspiration from the movie, but even with a background story of Stargate.
    In 22th century, mankind joined together in an unique nation: Terran Federation. With the progress of some scientist, a group of colonists managed to teleport in another star system with an habitable planet. After a couple of weeks in the planet, the colonists did a strange discovery... the planet is fully inhabited by humans at a classical age of technology.. The question is... How those humans get there?!? After some investigations, scientist found some documents which support the thesis of a linking of the ancient Egypt.... An Alien civilization went to ancient Egypt and brought some slaves to this planet..
    Unfortunately, after a few months, the Terran President was murdered by an unknown aggressor, and now is ruled by a Corporate Business which rose to power.... Yes, is him... the hated Mr. Big!!!
    Mr. Big doesn't care on how those humans reached the planet... He just sees it a big opportunity to invade the whole planet and bring Terran Federation to glory.
    So now the fate of the planet is up to you!!!
    Playing as Terran Invaders, you will start from future era, far more advanced than the autoctones tribes of the planet which begin at classical era, but be warned that those tribes are locked at a permanent alliance. Terrans start from one city only, which I called Pandora Colony, while the tribes controlo the whole rest of the planet.
    Tribes will coordinate technology development which will boost their progress, so if you play as Terrans, don't relax too much.
    If you play as autoctones tribes, it will be a sort of impossible defense against an hostile advanced alien invasion... After all the technological mismatch between classical era and actual days is similar to the technological mismatch between us and an hypotetical alien race!!!

    The game can be won by conquest only.
    Have fun!!!


    1. avatar_NXO.jpg
    2. terran_ZDE.jpg
    3. tribe_leader_7Y5.jpg
    4. tribe_leader_2_U8C.jpg
    5. pandora_EGI.jpg
    6. tribes_1_jGW.jpg
    7. tribes_2_Sdi.jpg