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AW's Asturian Kingdom Mod [G&K / BNW] (v 2) (v 2)

AW's Asturian Kingdom Mod [G&K / BNW] (v 2)

  1. AW Arcaeca
    Kingdom of Asturias lead by Pelagius
    Colors Red and Blue
    Primary Bias Offence
    Secondary Bias Faith
    Start Bias Avoid Jungle
    UA Out With the Moors - Cities you conquer are immediately converted to your main religion, stealing Faith from the previous owner for each citizen converted. Allied city-states join your empire while you are at war.
    UU Mozarab - Replaces Missionary. Loses religious strength twice as slowly, but costs 2 extra gold in maintenance. May also be expended to construct an Alfoz, which yields +1 Faith and +1 Food, cannot be razed and places the tile permamently under your control.
    UU2 Jinete - Replace Knight. Can capture enemy citadels by beginning its turn on one. Nearby enemy units ignore Great General bonuses.

    Jinete Unit Graphics
    DarkScythe TSL Serializer Utility
    DJSHenninger Alfoz Model Civ V Conversion and Alfoz Icons
    Firaxis Mozarab Unit Graphics
    Freya Original Civ IV Alfoz Model
    Natan35 Testing
    Nite Testing
    Pazyryk Table Saver/Loader Utility

    Peace Theme Asturias by Isaac Albeniz performed by John Williams
    War Theme Europa Universalis III - Battle of Damascus by Andreas Waldetoft


    1. asturiaspromotionalnew_LSI.png