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AW's Bir Tawil Area Mod [G&K/BNW] (v1) 2016-10-05

Bir Tawil lead by Nobody
Capital Bir Tawil
Colors Gold and Grey
Primary Bias LOLZ
Secondary Bias Frustration
Start Bias Desert
UA The Land Nobody Wants - Forbidden to build or train anything except Tumbleweeds and Tall Water Wells. All tiles in workable city range are turned to resourceless flat desert. Whenever an enemy enters your territory, their nearest city is forfeited to you.
UB Tall Water Well - Replacement for the Watermill which yields no food nor production, but a staggering 100,000 Gold per turn. Spawns 10 Infantry upon being built. Requires 1 source of Sand to be built.
UB2 Dune - Replaces nothing. Provides 1 source of Sand but cannot be built due to the UA.
UB3 Tumbleweed - Replaces nothing. Provides 1 permanent source of Tumbleweed and is destroyed immediately once built. Once the empire's total Tumbleweed reaches 10, all cities go into Anarchy.

whoward69 PlotIterators Utility

Peace Theme Sandstorm by Darude
War Theme Titan Dune by Two Steps From Hell; Extended Version by ???​
AW Arcaeca
First release
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