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AW's Catalhoyuki Peoples Mod [G&K/BNW] (v2) (v 2)

Çatalhöyük lead by Çete Reisi
Colors Light Brown and Dark Brown
Primary Bias Food
Secondary Bias Production
Start Bias Plains
UA Neolithic Revolution - Do not start with Agriculture but receive a free Worker upon researching it. Start with a Hunter-Gatherer. Large one-time food and production boost in your first city.
UU Hunter-Gatherer - Replaces Scout. Along with the usual Scout abilities, may hunt animal resources and gather edible plant resources, which may be traded for a food boost upon entering a city. The same resource may not be hunted or gathered again for another 10 turns.
UB Köy - Replaces Granary. Along with the usual benefits of a granary, the Köy each turn will randomly generate either, 1 faith, 2 culture, or 2 production. Upon building the Köy, one Almonds resource spawns nearby if there is an available open-terrain plains or grassland plot within a range of 2 tiles.
Peace Theme Excerpt from Ancient Soundtrack 3 from Sid Meier's Civilization IV by Firaxis Games
War Theme Combined tracks War Drums - Early and War Drums - Middle from Sid Meiers's Civilization IV by Firaxis Games

Hunter-Gatherer Graphics​
AW Arcaeca
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