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AW's Inuit Peoples Mod [G&K/BNW] (v3) (v 3) - URL fixed

AW's Inuit Peoples Mod [G&K/BNW] (v3)

  1. AW Arcaeca
    Inuit lead by Qiviuq
    Colors Light Blue and White
    Primary Bias Culture
    Secondary Bias Food
    Start Bias Tundra
    UA Hunters of the North - +1 Food and +1 culture generated by sea resources in all cities. All connected snow tiles are instantly claimed upon founding a city and generate +2 Culture.
    UU Unaaq - Replaces Spearman. Can embark before Optics, may cross Ice tiles and on Ice tiles may be expended to create a Fishing Hole.
    UB Inuksuk - Replaces monument. +15% culture, +1 visibility range to land units built in the city afterwards.

    TSL Serializer Utility
    Pazyryk Table Saver/Loader Utility
    whoward69 Plot Iterators Utility

    Peace Theme
    ??? by ???
    War Theme ??? by ???