AW's Livonian Order Mod [G&K / BNW] (v 1) 2016-10-05

AW's Livonian Order Mod [G&K / BNW] (v 1)

  1. AW Arcaeca
    Livonian Order lead by Albert of Riga
    Capital Tbilisi
    Colors White and Black
    Primary Bias Faith
    Secondary Bias Offence
    Start Bias Avoid Jungle
    UA Deus Vult - May expend a Great Prophet and one other great person of any type (including another Great Prophet) to declare a Crusade on another major civ, granting unique wartime bonuses.
    UU Herrmeister - Replaces Great General. Immediately destroys any adjacent missionaries or inquistors of any religions which are not the majority in Livonia. While stationed adjacent to an enemy city, the Herrmeister halts city production in that city. However, only one Herrmeister may exist at any given time (although the game will keep track of other Herrmeisters that you've earned and spawn a new one in as soon as the current one is destroyed).
    UB Preceptory - Replaces Armory. Prevents the spread of enemy religions in the city that it is built in. Generates an additional +1 [ICON_PEACE] Faith for the first three other cities with a Preceptory that the city is connected to. May not be built if the empire does not have at least an amount of Faith equivalent to 100 times the number of non-occupied and non-puppet cities owned.

    DarkScythe TSL Serializer Utility
    GPuzzle Testing
    Machiavelli24 Lua Events
    Pazyryk Table Saver/Loader Utility
    whoward69 Route Connections Utility
    zwei833 Herrmeister Unit Graphics

    Peace Theme First Movement of the Karelia Suite Op. 11 by Jean Sibelius
    War Theme Medieval 2 Kingdoms Teutonic Music - Hymn of War by Richard Vaughan