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AW's Magyar Tribes Mod [G&K/BNW] (v1) 2016-10-05

AW's Magyar Tribes Mod [G&K/BNW] (v1)

  1. AW Arcaeca
    Capital: Esztergom
    Colors: Green and Red
    Primary Bias: Offense
    Secondary Bias: Culture
    UA: Conquest of the Homeland - Magyar-conquered cities are in resistance for half as long, and conquered Magyar cities are in resistance for twice as long. Mounted units produce +2 culture and ignore terrain penalties.
    UU: Horka (Great General) - Magyar replacement for the Great General that, if stacked with a mounted unit, shares movement points with it. All units within range of a Horka not only receive the usual Great General benefits, but can also move after attacking (whether this is already one of their abilities or not).
    UU2: Cuman (Horseman) - Magyar replacement for the horseman that has a city attack penalty only half that of a regualr horseman. Cities with a Cuman garrisoned in them produce units +15% faster.

    Peace Theme: Johannes Brahm's Hungarian Dance #4
    War Theme: Excerpt from Franz Liszt's Hungarian Rhapsody #2

    City-state of Budapest replaced with Kerma.

    Special thanks to danrell and JFD.


    1. magyarpromotional_2YI.png