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AW's Minoan Civilization Mod [G&K/BNW] (v3) 2016-10-05

Adds the Minoans to the game as a playable civ.

:c5capital:Capital: Knossos
Leader: Minos
Colors: Teal and Gray
UA: Merchants of Caphtor - Start with Pottery. After researching Sailing, all land cities generate +1 :c5gold: gold and all coastal cities generate +5 :c5gold: gold.
UU: Xiphos - Replaces spearman. Does not have the same anti-mounted bonuses, but receives +10% attack, an additional +10% attack on hills and generates small amounts of :c5gold: gold upon killing an enemy.
UU2: Pentekonter - Replaces trireme. Accumulates "plunder" from killing units with which it may establish a Monopoly in city-state territory, granting Influence with the city state.

Greek city of Knossos renamed to Delos.
Because the Pentekonter uses only Quinquereme graphics (couldn't find other ship graphics), Carthage has a new UB: Cothon - replaces harbor. +10% :c5gold: gold, defense bonus in city.

Special thanks to JTitan for the Xiphos unit graphics.
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