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AW's Minor Nitpick Mod Collection 2016-10-05

AW's Minor Nitpick Mod Collection

  1. AW Arcaeca
    The (AWMN) Thread

    Current Mod Collection:
    • (AWMN) Austria-Poland Icon Color Swap Mod
    • (AWMN) Disable All Nonmodded Civs Mod
    • (AWMN) Egyptian UA Rebuilt Mod
    • (AWMN) Extended Battleship Visibility Mod
    • (AWMN) Future Tech Stacking Modifiers Mod
    • (AWMN) Gold Deposit Spawn Edit Mod
    • (AWMN) Invisible Great Wall Mod
    • (AWMN) Korea Icon Color Edit Mod
    • (AWMN) Lumbermill Yield Change Mod
    • (AWMN) Native American Demonym Edit Mod
    • (AWMN) Netherlands UA Xtended Mod
    • (AWMN) Operation Save the Lancer Mod
    • (AWMN) Rename Constantinople Mod
    • (AWMN) Remove Zulu Mod
    • (AWMN) Slinger-Quechua Mod
    • (AWMN) Spain-Egypt-Siam Icon Color Swap Mod
    • (AWMN) Twenty Courts of Attila Mod
    • (AWMN) Venice Annexation Mod
    • (AWMN) Wasteland Pantheon Buffs Mod

    Remember that they're not available for individual download but they are individually selectable.

    Please alert me on the (AWMN) thread if there are any issues; I don't playtest these mods.