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AW's Urartian Kingdom Mod [G&K/BNW] (v3) (v 3

AW's Urartian Kingdom Mod [G&K/BNW] (v3)

  1. AW Arcaeca
    Urartu lead by Argishti I
    Colors Purple and Sea Green
    Primary Bias Defence
    Secondary Bias Production
    Start Bias Hills
    UA Secret of Van - Forts claim surrounding tiles and may be built at double speed. Upon founding a city, there is a 50% chance that additional resources may be placed nearby, depending on the nearby terrain.
    UB Karum (Replaces Forge) - Available at Iron Working. All nearby metal resources produce +1 Gold and Production, or doubled this for Iron. Requires at least one metal resource nearby.
    UI Berd - A fortified Urartian settlement that slowly claims a ring of tiles surrounding it. May be built outside of friendly territory. Provides +25% defense to a unit stationed on it and damages adjacent enemy units. Does not yield anything by itself, but transfers food, gold, and production from the surrounding tiles to the nearest city each turn. Costs 2 Gold in maintainence per turn and is destroyed when pillaged.
    Peace Theme Urmuli - Georgian Folk Music by KartvelianHeritage
    War Theme armenian war song by coolantonio19

    - The game will display a message each turn telling you what each Berd yielded that turn. This can be turned off by changing ShowBerdGameMessages to false in *mod*\Lua\TSLSerializerHookup.lua.
    - Cities removed from the Persian city list.

    Original Berd 3D model by Andrea Charell
    Berd Model conversion to Civ5 by DJSHenninger
    A whole lot of Lua by LeeS