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AW's Zapotec Civilization Mod [G&K/BNW] (v2) 2016-10-05

AW's Zapotec Civilization Mod [G&K/BNW] (v2)

  1. AW Arcaeca
    Adds the Zapotecs to the game as a playable civ.

    Capital: Mitla
    Leader: Zaachila I
    Colors: Lime and Turquoise
    UA: The Cloud People - 1 Free Tech upon founding your frist city. Your first 3 cities generate +1 culture and 20% more science.
    UU: Macuahuitlist - Replaces swordsman. Generates science upon killing an enemy. Does not require any iron to build.
    UB: Ball Court - Replaces Amphithteater. 1/3 chance to generate 2 faith each turn. 1 scientist specialist slot instead of an artist slot.

    Special thanks to JTitan for the Macuahuitlist unit graphics.


    1. zapotecpromotional_zC2.png