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Azimuthal Earth with TSL 122x100 0.5 ---> Steam Workshop

An Equal-Area Projection of the Earth with TSL

  1. Skyrex
    Azimuthal Equal-Area Earth (AEAE)

    Here I may present a new real Earth for Civ 6.
    It always annoyed me that there is so much unused space in the North of the world maps, mainly because the projections distort it. This one isn't distorted around the pole and the direct connections from europe to asia and america are as they are in real life.
    The southern hemisphere is squished flatter (although not losing area) this way, but we only have Brasil and Kongo in the south.

    It's features are as follows:
    • 122x100 Map Size (Including the Size-Type for custom maps)
    • Equal-Area Azimuthal projection of the Earth centered around the North Pole, since most civs are on the northern hemisphere
    • True Start Locations for all Civs except Poland
    • 10 City States in all games, randomly chosen, most with TSL except some european (see below)
    • All natural wonders except Galapagos
    • 10 Prophets

    It is still an alpha and bugs might happen.

    How to use: Extract the .rar into your mods folder, activate the mod ingame. create new game, go advanced and select the AzimuthalEarth-Ruleset. Map Size and Type will grey out accordingly.

    Important / known issues:
    • There is only one Greece-spawn, so if you pick both, one will be randomly placed.
    • [some AIs move away from their starting point (England, Greece, Norway, Aztecs)- don't know a fix yet ].... It should be mostly fixed now.
    • I cut off most of Oceania, because it would've needed lots of ocean and add nearly no gameplay value. Therefor I moved the Great Barrier Reef close to Jakarta and the Milford Sound to Norway.
    • I had to move Cliffs of Dover to Ireland, because it can't be placed close to a river (Themse)
    • Galapagos are missing because the placement is bugged
    • Europe is not "scaled up" or some other nonsense, so it will get very crowded there (as in real life). This is by design and not an issue.

    Starting locations are picked consistently as the modern-day-capital of that country, to unclutter some areas and spread the civs out. In detail:
    (Civ [ingame Capital] -> Real City name of location)
    Norway (Nidaros) -> Oslo
    Germany (Aachen) -> Berlin
    Russia (St. Petersburg) -> Moskow
    Egypt (Ra-Kedet aka Alexandria) -> Kairo/Sues (canal-city)
    Arabia (Kairo) -> Riad
    Sumeria (Uruk) -> Bagdad
    Skythia (Pokrovka) -> Astana
    Japan(Kyoto) ->Tokyo
    China (Xian) -> Beijing
    Brasil (Rio) -> Brasilia
    Kongo M'Banza Kongo -> Brazzaville/Kinshasa
    Greece (Athens/Sparta) -> Istanbul/Constantinople (it's not the capital of Greece, but it was sometime and it's a canal-city)

    Some City States from europe have changed their location, as there is no space for them in europe, and to balance the map a little:
    Amsterdam -> Bangkok
    Brüssel -> Johannesburg
    Genf -> Quito
    Lissabon -> Galway(Ireland)
    Valetta -> on the Azores
    Preslaw -> Anchorage
    Stockholm -> Chelyabinsk

    The rest of the CS are on their TSL.

    Spoiler 0.1 Images :

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