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Azimuthal Earth with TSL 122x100 0.5 ---> Steam Workshop

An Equal-Area Projection of the Earth with TSL

  1. moved to Workshop

    I moved AEAE to the Steam Workshop.
    Go Ahead and subscribe to it there!
    I will discontinue any updates here, as Steam is superior in the way, that everybody gets updates as soon as released.

    Changelog for 0.5
    Refined (Tiles and res): Western North America, China, Scandinavia

    Scandinavia was much improved by arrangement of Tiles and the Milford Sound, to give the handicapped Norway some edge over the others (Since all unique abilities are kinda crap)

    I added Australia completely (Not...
  2. s'more Ressources

    Added some more ressources, especially around the aztecs and europe
  3. City states and some resources

    -I placed some more resources and hills in some Areas

    -All possible city states have gotten start-locations to ensure there are always 10 CS present.

    -some european CS have gotten moved away from europe due to space issues, see OP for specifics

    -Brasil TSL set to Brasilia
    -Kongo TSL set to Brazzaville/Kinshasa
  4. TSL Update

    updated all TSL locations to the modern-day-capitals of the respective countries, to be consistent and to unclutter europe a little bit.

    Additionally I figured out to convince all AIs to really use those TSL locations for their first city. They will now all actually found it there.