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Aztec Units 2016-10-05

Aztec Units

  1. DWOLF
    after a few tutorials, I finally manage to create a few units for myself.

    Inspired by ModFreak's Aztec unit pack. I bring you the missing units to complement ModFreak's Archer / Axeman / Spearman / Horse Archer units. I didn't include the feathers that go on top of the head of the units since I didn't want to make the units looks just like the Jaguar...hey they Jaguar needs to have it's originality right?

    War Elephant

    All units have the Jaguar skin but each uses it's corresponding animation. I used a few items from bernie14, the war elephant came from Chuggi. This is my very first time doing units so don't expect nothing that is "jaw dropping" like bernie14, Chuggi, asioasioaso, Zerver, danrell, snafusmith & Sezereth normally do.


    1. aztec_hiM.jpg